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Brief history of the company

In 2002 Sue Johnson worked as an administrator in a local nursing home.

Sue always needed to purchase items locally on behalf of many of the residents especially those who did not have regular visitors. New emergency residents who would arrive at any time day and night quite often would have no personal care products on arrival. Sue decided to start a little shop so the home always had a few toiletries and sweets to purchase and then the residents could pick what products they require.

Sue's husband Gordon Johnson currently worked on the markets selling toiletries so Sue bought the toiletries from her husband and sold them at the care home for the benefit of the residents.

However this all proved problematic and time consuming. Products would be taken by carers later in the day when Sue was not there to record it. Also all the receipts and handling of the residents cash took ages and had to be double checked and signed off by another senior member of staff. The initial money to purchase the products was from the residents fund so it could not continue as it was losing money.

Sue and Gordon sat and discussed the problem at length as they realised there was a need to supply personal products to the residents in care homes.

Sue gave up working at the nursing home and started taking a small trolley full of sweets and toiletries round once a week to care homes in her local area. However more and more of the carers on arrival would give her lists of products for various residents. Which usually meant she didn't have enough products on her trolley so would have the return next day with items requested plus all the receipts for each resident.

Once again Sue and Gordon discussed at length and decided to come up with an easy to complete order form that the carers could fax through the day before the trolley was due and that was the day HOME SERVICE was created and established in 2003.

Based in Consett in the North East of England the business expanded throughout the region and in 2007 became a nationwide service.

The service has come along way since 2003. In 2006 they started selling their own handmade boxed Christmas gifts and now include underwear, nightwear, slippers and pastimes to their vast selection of products available. The company has gone from strength to strength.

Sadly Gordon Johnson died on 30th November 2014 after a 5 year battle with cancer.

Sue Johnson continues to run the business and says that Gordon was immensely proud of their company as they reach people who would not have the opportunity to select their own personal care products.

Home Service - What a good idea!